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Visium Features & Advantages

Manage multiple profiles
Work with hundreds of unique profiles from one device. Each profile is a unique browser fingerprint with a separate environment. Cache, cookies and other parameters are completely separate from each other.
Intelligent human emulation
You'll look like a usual internet user as much as possible. We collect fingerprints from real users, all over the web and use them in Visium.
Proxy support
Import, verify & use any type of proxies (http, https & socks5). The more you have, the better. Visium will create a complete real-user profile for each proxy you provide in your project.
Templates updated constantly
In order for Visium to maintain compatibility with all the supported websites, we release updates constantly, under the term templates. A template is a set of advanced filters and commands that Visium has to automate for the supported websites.
New powerful features
Visium is constantly updated with new powerful features & optimizations to make your automation easier.

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